Sandy Creek Homeowners Association



Homeowner Meeting

Zachary Library on June 3 @ 4:00 p.m.


Old Business


Liability Insurance


Common Areas


Renting and leasing


Report of current financial statements


2007 Homeowner dues


Beautification Committee Update


Election of Treasurer


Review of neighborhood restrictions

·       Sheds and Storage buildings

o   Restrictions require that all sheds be placed in the rear 1/3 of the property and prohibits metal sheds

o   Board recommendation is to require that all storage buildings should be stick-built with shingled roof that is painted in a color to compliment home color.

·       Chain link fences

o   Not allowed in Sandy Creek – including dog pens/fences that are visible from the road

·       Fences – All owners who are building fences are required to contact the architectural committee for approval of plans prior to building.

o   Resident recommendation form fence committee to approve fence plans.

·       Lot Maintenance – Board advised residents of the covenant restriction and encouraged residents to contact the committee to report lots that are unmowed.

·       Satellite dishes – would like architectural committee to enforce that dishes must not be visible from the street.

·       Resident request to send letters to those homeowners who are in violation of this restriction.

o   Amendments to Restrictions – Advised residents that 85% approval of residents in each filing is required to amend restrictions.


Bulletin Board

·       Board presented idea of sign for front boulevard to residents and opened for discussion.

·       Motion to vote – motion 2nd – motion passed.


Creation of the Welcoming Committee – Volunteers to chair committee


Gladys McCaleb

6134 DeAnne Marie Drive

Home: 225-654-0460

Cell: 225-772-5720


Robin Hewell

2625 Woodbend Drive

Cell: 970-310-5662


Tracey Rheams

6141 Shallow Brook Lane

Cell: 225-571-0600


Resident Concerns

·       Pond – Recommendation to plant marsh grass and cypress trees and fencing to enhance the pond area – Suggested that board contact B.R. Green – Resident recommendation to purchase a fountain for the pond.

·       Street sign - $6000 estimate to replace sign poles to match Windwood Subdivision


Next meeting set for Sunday, Septemeber 9 at 4:00 p.m.


Motion to adjourn – Motion 2nd

Motion passed.


Notes taken by Melissa Walker